"Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.                -Psalm 111:2

Danielle: Daughter of Christ, wife, photographer, light chaser.

Hi there,

My name is Danielle Renèe Burge and I am the owner/main photographer of Danielle Renèe Photography based out of Winston-Salem North Carolina. I have loved photography ever since I picked up my family's first ever digital camera as a young teen. The thrill of being able to capture the beauty that surrounds us got me hooked and ever since then my dream was just that; to capture the true essence of ether a candid moment, a special day or the stunning earth that God created. I shoot mostly with natural light but I am very versatile in my work and love to switch up my style of photography. As a photographer I strive to not only make my subject look their best but to feel their best by creating a comfortable atmosphere where they feel the most themselves.  I have always been an artsy person and to be able to express my artsy side through a career in photography has been a dream come true. I started my photography business several years ago back before I even knew my amazing husband/co-owner/second shooter Ryan Burge. When I chose my name for my business I had no clue as to what my future last name was going to be so I decided to use my first and middle name in the title Danielle Renèe Photography. Soon after Ryan and I was a relationship, Ryan started to really grow in his liking for photography and desired to learn more about it and that's when we decided that he would be my second shooter for main events when he wasn't busy with his own personal training business, Burge Fitness. Ryan and I got married on December 6th 2015. We have loved being married and living life as husband and wife photographers and we give God credit in everything we do, because without him I would not have my amazing husband and we would not be able to do the jobs that we absolutely love. Ryan has always been there for me supporting me in growing my business and has helped me become a better photographer and person;. Ryan is not only an amazing husband but he is also an amazing photographer with such raw talent. We love working together as husband and wife and we do really well at it. Most people say that they can't work with their spouse or family members but we are quite the opposite, and I think that is what makes us enjoy our business even more because we love who we work with.


Winner of 2015 McAlister's Deli Corporate Photo Contest (photos are on display at the McAlister's Deli headquarters)