The Mountains

 My husband and I love to escape to the Blue Ridge Mountains any time we can. The stunning views and complete serenity brings us back to what is important in life and helps us appreciate the things that God has given us.  I could sit on top of a mountain all day and do absolutely nothing but soak in the beauty this world has to offer; that and maybe take a few photo's, I mean come on! Looking out towards the horizon lined with bold mountains that are blanketed with a blue haze fills me up with emotions that has me praising the Lord for providing such vast beauty.


Blue Ridge Mountains.


This is Ryan my beloved husband, second shooter and model. He always makes for a great subject!


This had to of been one of the smallest and tightest parts of the cavern.


Fall is finally showing it's face in parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains with hints of red, yellow and orange sprinkled throughout.


I finally got to visit a cavern for the very first time at Linville Caverns! It was quite the experience and so interesting to me to explore the inside of a mountain. It was exciting yet difficult to be able to capture the tour. I had to struggle with the fact that no matter where you were in the cavern you were going to get dripped on; so to say trying to capture the images I wanted while keeping my gear dry was oh so fun! But all in all I enjoyed every bit of it! The tour challenged me as a photographer to work in a completely different environment with small spaces and several different factors playing against me; but that is exciting to me because that is how I can grow in my photography. "Never stop learning because life never stops teaching."


Linville Cavern.