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Hi there and welcome to my sight!!! I am a joyful photographer full of life based out of Winston-Salem NC that is passionate about capturing raw, authentic moments. I love getting to know my clients and discovering their true genuine personalities, so that I may capture the very essence of who they are through my work. I am all about skipping from the '“just getting to know each other small talk” to taking adventures and talking as if we had been friends forever; so don’t be surprised if you see the goofy side of me come out when I get excited over the perfect pose, background or a genuine photography moment. I take joy in photographing seniors, couples, weddings, familys and children; and making each and every session a blast! I am all about authenticity and genuine photographs that portray movement and life. Contact me so that you can have the chance to experience a relaxed, fun session with yours truly! Click below if you would like to get to know more about me and my passion for photography!

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