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Being the main subject placed in front of a lens can sometimes be nerve racking and I can totally relate. Thoughts may be rolling through your head like what do I wear, how do I pose, will the kids corporate enough to smile, so on and so forth and I am here not only as your photographer but as your friend to help put your mind at ease so that we can capture your beautiful story!

I will be there every step of the way giving tips where they are needed, answering any questions, willing to do what it takes to make sure that you feel sure and ready to experience a fun filled day with me!

Whether you need me to capture every moving moment on the best day of your life or you have a growing romance that is just asking to be photographed, I am your girl. Maybe you are moving on to the next big step in your adult life and need stunning images that show who you are and what you have accomplished, or maybe you need fun, lively photos of your sweet family to hang on the wall, I am here to help see that through! What ever photography service you need I will make sure that we have a blast together capturing life’s beautiful moments while building a lasting friendship!