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   With every photography session the images will be fully edited and provided to you on an online gallery to which you can access with a personal password given when notified that the images are ready via email. With that, the printing rights are released to the client. I do not release unedited RAW file images. If prints are desired I recommend using a professional lab. If you use a non professional lab your images may not look as sharp and clear as the origanal digital image.

 My style of photography is a mix of bright with a lot of contrast and a hint of mood depending on the light and location that I am working with. I am passionate about capturing real moments that are full of life and movement. Please take a look at my portfolio to determine if my style of photography is for you. 

Payment: A deposit of half of the amount is due upon contract signed, the other half is due upon session date. We accept credit/debit, cash and checks made out to Danielle Burge.                                  

Travel Fees: Locations requested that are farther than 50 miles from my address will have an added fee calculated upon booking.

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 With each wedding package we provide 2 photographers to capture every moment. I like to get to know my bride and groom before their big day; so that they can feel more comfortable in knowing how their photographer works in capturing one of the most important days of their lives. Ether my husband and I or just myself will meet with the bride and groom at a location agreed upon, so that we can get the details of the day and timeline of the events. A contract will be provided and signed the day of the meeting. I do not put a limit on the number of images provided for weddings. Each wedding package is designed to meet the needs of each bride and groom.

Deposits/payment:  The deposit is non refundable and will be split up into three installments. Upon meeting with the bride and groom the first installment will be provided. The second installment will be provided 3 months before date of wedding. The third installment will be provided 2 weeks before the wedding date. We accept debit/credit, cash and checks made out to Danielle Burge.

Travel fees: Locations requested that are farther than 50 miles from Winston-Salem, NC will have and added fee calculated upon booking.

Please contact us for details on our wedding packages and we will help you choose a package that is perfect for you!

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 With newborn sessions, I come to you.  I love to capture the baby and family in the comfort of their own home. It makes it easy and more comfortable for the baby and mom and daddy! I don't use props or dress the baby up in any fashion, my style of photography is capturing real moments. If you (the client) want to provide props of your own that is perfectly fine, I am not apposed to doing styled shoots.  Sessions can take around 2 to 3 hours reason being with newborns they don't work around our schedule, we work around theirs! If desired you can ether have the session be images of just the baby or you can make it a life style shoot with baby and mom and daddy. It will be the same price and amount of time for ether preference.


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 A creative photo session can cover any number of genres that is not already listed on my investment page. Creative sessions are normally used for clients that want to do a unique photo session for their own personal use. E.G. Special Birthday portraits, back to school portraits, themed portraits, or simply capturing the essence of what a business is about etc.

As of this moment I do not provide props. Each client will need to provide props desired for the session.

Creative portraits are different than your usual portrait sessions. They are sessions allowed to let you show your creative side by incorporating your personal style. If you have props that you want to include in your session to enrich your story being told than I would highly suggest it! To best capture what you want out of your creative portraits, I make sure to communicate thoroughly to create beautiful pictures that you have dreamed up! I am not shy to go to the extreme so don’t hesitate to propose fun and exciting ideas! Communication is key so that I can better understand what you are looking for and then together we can CREATE!

Please consult us via email or phone call/text to see if what you are wanting out of a photo shoot lies in the category of a creative session.



 Small parties include anything from birthdays, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers etc. I charge per hour and will provide a quote upon details provided about the party (Where party is taking place and amount of hours needed).

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 A large event is considered a planned public or social occasion that is of great size (100 or more people attending) E.g. conferences, charity event, high school reunion etc. I charge per hour and will provide a quote upon details provided about the event (Where event is taking place and amount of hours needed).