Behind the Scenes

 Recently my husband was inspired by God to do a video project about some of the things that he has dealt with in his life, and he requested that we work on it together! These images in this blog are a few that I took at some of the locations that we were shooting, and I just couldn't resist taking a few pics! Our adventure took place Downtown Winston-Salem, a place that Ryan and I love to go to often for all of it's photography and videography opportunity's it provides. We did a scene near one of the many churches downtown and right next to the sidewalk was this lush flower bed just teaming with bright, beautiful flowers and busy, little creatures. So yeah for a short time I got distracted by bright, pretty things, but soon after, we were back at it capturing our shots for our video (the reason why we were there). We are really excited about some of the scenes that we were able to capture! We feel that we were able to take what we saw in our minds and make them come to life! There were some emotional moments happening while for real moments. We feel that God will be able to us this video in ways that will hopefully impact some lives! To top off the eventful evening we were able to experience a stunning sunset. God never ceases to amaze me with his beautiful work!


Some of the best ways to capture true emotion is by doing a close up shot of your subjects eyes. Your eyes are the windows to your sole as some like to say.


It was Ryan's turn to take over the camera for a bit.


We had a blast hanging out on top of a parking garage getting these shots! It made for a perfect spot to get good back lit images.