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Nick and Raven

Nick has been a really good friend of Ryan and I for several years and we were delighted when the love of Nick's life, Raven, came into his life! They finally found the one to spend the rest of their lives with and Ryan and I were so honored to be the ones to capture their special day!

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Behind the Scenes

Recently my husband was inspired by God to do a video project about some of the things that he has dealt with in his life, and he requested that we work on it together! These images in this blog are a few that I took at some of the locations that we were shooting, and I just couldn't resist taking a few pics! 

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My husband and I love to escape to the Blue Ridge Mountains any time we can. The stunning views and complete serenity brings us back to what is important in life and helps us appreciate the things that God has given us.  I could sit on top of a mountain all day and do absolutely nothing but soak in the beauty this world has to offer; that and maybe take a few photo's, I mean come on!

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